Securing identity data
for yourself, your business
and your community.

In a world with ever-increasing requirements for privacy, we simplify your identity management process.

SiriusID is a simple yet novel way of implementing digital identity so data can be shared in a secure, reliable, and privacy-respecting way. It is a Self-Sovereign ID, meaning that you control your credentials and use them as you see fit, without relying on any intermediary. The SiriusID system allows you to build your own digital identity solution with ease using our plug-n-play stack or use the SiriusID app, which is an easily customizable white-label product.

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Source (include SDKs)

Integration Guide
SiriusID Public

Public Network

SiriusID Enterprise

Private Networks or Consortium

SiriusID for Everyone

SiriusID on the public chain is FREE for your use

Intuitive, easy to operate and understand

Low network cost and absolutely no network maintenance is required on your part

Trust and Privacy

Take full control of your identity data

Data is virtually unhackable due to default encryption by blockchain technology

Selectively and securely share your data

Enjoy interoperability between different
systems and networks

Regain trust from your customers

Open Source

All of our SiriusID code is open source and is available in Gitlab. We invite you to run, test, and review our code and welcome all pull requests and issues

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Explore our demo Smart City with SiriusID
Security & Privacy

Zero reliance on 3rd parties for data storage

Data is privately owned

Blockchain encryption ensures data
is practically unhackable

Personal data is owned and controlled by user

Privacy is respected through pseudonymity

Positive Business Impact

Cost effective to implement

Intuitive and simple to operate


Frictionless user onboarding

Efficient replacement of
traditional paperwork

Improved trust with customers

Extra features like 2FA, custom data
and custom flows

Scalable and Interoperable

Suitable for enterprises and consortia of all sizes

Clean design, minimal integration

Can be used for any service that requires verification and proof

W3C compliance ensures cross-industry compatibility

Try our smart city demo using SiriusID

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How It Works

The SiriusID is unique because it is an all-in-one solution which allows you to store your data without relying on third party storage. Furthermore, all data that is stored is encrypted by default and sharded, making it virtually unhackable.

There are 3 main actors the ecosystem:

1. Credential Issuer - usually a government body or entity that issues a credential to give credibility to the ID owner’s identity.

2. ID owner - the person whom the ID belongs to or resides with.

3. Credential Verifier - an entity that verifies the include employers, security personnel, and websites

1. Credentials such as for KYC, medical records, and financial data are verified by trusted Credential issuers. The credentials are given unique Decentralized Identifiers (“DIDs”) and are pegged to an SSI and rooted in the blockchain.

2. Credential data is stored in the platform's distributed file management system. This Credential data is shared, encrypted and distributed across multiple storage nodes making it practically unhackable.

3. The secure and immutable nature of blockchain technology ensures that all SSIs, credentials, and personal data will persist and can be held true and trusted by any entity.

SiriusID App Features

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Create a SiriusID

CREATE your own Self-Sovereign ID which can be pegged to credentials and linked to extended personal data.

Issue credentials

ACQUIRE credentials from Credential Issuers (usually government bodies) to confirm your qualification, status, or authority, and peg these credentials to your SiriusID.

Verify credentials

VERIFY your SiriusID with credential verifiers (banks, employers, websites, etc.) on a zero knowledge proof basis or choose to selectively reveal extended data where requested.

Use Cases

A SiriusID can belong to a person, an entity, a governmental body, or assigned to a batch of goods, an IoT device, livestock, commodity, or any object. A multitude of different credentials can then be attached to a SiriusID to attest a qualification, quality, authority, status, or an entitlement.

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