Securing Identity Data

SiriusID is a W3C compliant digital ID solution synonymously known as Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI). As a complete plug-n-play stack, it allows anyone to develop their own digital ID solution on this platform via its APIs and SDK. Also available is the ProximaX SiriusID app, which is a ready-to-use white label product.

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SiriusID App Features

Create a SiriusID

Create a SiriusID: Users can create a SiriusID (Self-Sovereign ID) that can be pegged with credentials and linked to extended encrypted personal data.

Issue credentials

Issue credentials: Credential Issuers can attest the qualification, status, or authority of a SiriusID owner by pegging credentials to their SiriusID.

Verify credentials

Verify credentials: Credential Verifiers can verify credentials on a zero-knowledge basis, or request extended data that can be selectively revealed by the SiriusID owner.

How It Works


Credentials such as for KYC, medical records, and financial data are verified by trusted Credential issuers. The credentials are given unique Decentralized Identifiers (“DIDs”) and are pegged to an SSI and rooted in the blockchain.


A DID document can be generated from each credential and stored in the platform’s distributed file management system. This DID document is sharded, encrypted, and distributed across multiple storage nodes making it practically unhackable.


The secure and immutable nature of blockchain technology ensures that all SSIs, credentials, and personal data will persist and can be held true and trusted by any entity.



Cost and risk are reduced as businesses no longer need to store and manage vast quantities of personal data.


Pseudonymity by default is achieved through unique DID pairing. Secured personal data is owned and controlled by the user.


SSI can be used for any service that requires verification and proof. SiriusID is W3C compliant to ensure cross-industry compatibility.

Use Cases

A SiriusID can belong to a person, an entity, a governmental body, or assigned to a batch of goods, an IoT device, livestock, commodity, or any object. A multitude of different credentials can then be attached to a SiriusID to attest a qualification, quality, authority, status, or an entitlement.

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Download the SiriusID app and test it out in the ProximaXCity demo environment or follow the integration guide to integrate your own SSI solution with the SiriusID platform. For further assistance, contact us at: