The ProximaX Sirius core infrastructure platform leverages on an amended and augmented blockchain and is integrated with peer-to-peer, distributed off-chain storage, streaming, and database layers. These are overlaid with APIs/SDKs in a wide range of languages for developers to rapidly develop and deploy their applications. By parallelising all of these protocols into manageable but distinct layers, ProximaX leverages the advantages of blockchain whilst solving its challenges via service layers found in traditional architectures, packaged into an all-in-one extensive framework.

A Glimpse of the
ProximaX Sirius Architecture

The winning combination of Blockchain-Storage-Streaming-Database-Consensus is the success DNA of the ProximaX Sirius development platform. This powerful platform comes with built-in advanced features such as Supercontracts (estimated release Q1, 2020), multisig, multilayer-multisig, pull transactions, aggregated transactions and cross-chain ability. Development is greatly simplified and becomes rapid through the abstraction layer comprising APIs and SDKs available in a wide range of languages such as TSJS, Java, CSharp, Swift, Dart, CLI, Golang, CPP, PHP, Rust and Python.


Using advanced blockchain technology, this layer powers the entire ecosystem and provides the source of data that interconnects with the other layers in either a public or private environment. Through carefully scripted and guarded access points, a private blockchain solution is now available to verifiable users and entities to participate in the network, thus bringing public chain capabilities into enterprise – a new service we call the Blockchain DMZ (De-militarised Zone).


Utilizing Sirius Streaming Protocol ("SSP") for high security, high performance, real-time messaging, and streaming services, users can utilize fully anonymous, end-to-end encrypted messaging, and anonymous video streaming. Designed as a privacy routing protocol, SSP is insulated and eliminates the risk of maintaining exit nodes and out proxies. The ProximaX streaming service layer is available in two options: live streaming, for fully anonymous interaction between users; and storage streaming, which provides streaming content from storage which is mostly used for pre-recorded streaming instances.


The ProximaX storage layer is deployed through a Distributed File Management System (“DFMS”) protocol which integrates directly with the blockchain layer. Its peer-to-peer distributed architecture makes the network decentralised and users free from the influence of any third-party storage provider, and allows for client-side encryption for maximum data security. This system is immune to common threats of security and privacy as it is based on encrypted and sharded file storage in a peer-to-peer network.

Database System

The database layer is made up of the MongoDB and driven by Tendermint core as the distributed network enforcement mechanism. Put simply, this layer is a distributed database of transaction records and information. These records are identified by transaction hashes.

Standalone Applications

Parallel to developing the blockchain-powered platform on which third parties can develop their own applications, ProximaX has also developed a range of applications available as white-label products that can be further customised by users and clients.

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System Solutions

The ProximaX Sirius platform can be used to develop powerful systems solutions in a rapid and cost-efficient manner for a wide range of use cases. Early traction from a diverse range of uses has been seen in industries ranging from government to F&B to sports to medical diagostics.

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