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Enabling human-centric control over digital identity and KYC data

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A New Paradigm for KYC Compliance

Know your counterparty ("KYC") is a business process workflow used to identify and verify individuals or organizations to comply with regulatory rules. This process involves a lot of costly and time-consuming manual verification, leading to operational inefficiencies and poor user experience.

Built vertically on top of ProximaX's blockchain-powered digital identity platform named SiriusID, the SiriusKYC app improves KYC workflows through real-time and zero-knowledge proof KYC verification (minimal or no disclosure of personally identifiable information).

Termed "self-sovereign KYC", individuals and organizations can own and control their online digital identity and KYC data, creating a new paradigm for KYC compliance.

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Key Features of SiriusKYC

Digital identity ownership

Instantly verifiable KYC claims

Control over KYC data disclosure

Zero-knowledge proof KYC verification

Automated regulatory compliance using Supercontract

Customizable due diligence forms

Screening and facial recognition integration


Generation of regulatory reports

Benefits of SiriusKYC

Fast and easy user onboarding

Improved user experience

Identity theft protection

Minimized or no disclosure of personally identfiable information

Increased trust and confidence between transacting parties

Transparency for auditors and regulators

ProximaX Blockchain Solutions

As a leader in blockchain and distributed ledger solutions, we are constantly developing new ways for blockchain and distributed ledger technology to improve your business. The foundation of our work is ProximaX Sirius, a next generation blockchain-powered development platform with distributed storage, streaming, and database layers. Advanced features such as multisig, Supercontract, aggregate transactions, and cross-chain technology ensure maximum security and optimum performance of our applications and system solutions.

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ProximaX’s vision is to drive the mass adoption of blockchain technology by making it easy, accessible, and practical to implement and use. Our blockchain-powered development platform empowers companies and organizations with cutting-edge solutions that emphasize data security, integrity, and reliability while maximizing cost-efficiency.

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