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The ProximaX Advantage

From standalone applications to entire system solutions, developing on the ProximaX Sirius platform is simple, quick, and cost-efficient.

The ProximaX Solution

The ProximaX Sirius development platform is all-encompassing, and can be used to develop simple or complex bespoke system solutions and applications.

The All New ProximaX Sirius Wallet

Ingeniously designed to ensure security, user control and an effortless experience.

ProximaX Apps

Check out our range of applications that are available as white-label products which can be further developed to suit your needs.


Staggering Cost Savings
Staggering Cost Savings

The powerful combination of both blockchain with other proven off-chain distributed technologies enables developers to easily create applications and system solutions without in-depth knowledge of blockchain. As a result, this saves development time and reduces the total cost of ownership ("TCO").

Highly Scalable
Highly Scalable

Able to handle large increases in users, workload and transactions. Users can store and stream data of large sizes in the distributed layers whilst transactions are conducted speedily on the blockchain with security, transparency, immutability, irreversibility and traceability.

Highly Configurable
Highly Configurable

Available in both permissionless and permissioned environments. The permissionless offering is deployed as a public blockchain solution, governed by a robust set of consensus protocols while the permissioned environment is a private blockchain to service enterprise clients.

Impeccable Security
Highly Secure

Distributed architecture makes cyberattacks practically impossible, as it would require all nodes containing a piece of data to be simultaneously compromised. This contrasts greatly with centralised architectures where mass data leaks have become commonplace.


All stored data is encrypted and time-stamped by default, which ensures complete security and an audit trail, in addition to being immutable and irreversible.

100% Availability
100% Availability

The use of Integrated and Distributed Ledger Technology ("IaDLT") means that business uptime is guaranteed.


Peer-to-peer technology in a distributed environment provides high data transaction throughput.

Easy To Use

The ProximaX Sirius’ APIs and SDKs are available in a broad range of programming languages making it easy to integrate with a wide range of applications.


Networks can be cross-chained, even outside the ProximaX Sirius platform, for example with the bitcoin network.


The ProximaX Sirius platform is all-encompassing, and can be used to power a diverse range of use cases ranging from simple standalone applications to complex systems solutions, according to the needs of the user.

The fully decentralized configuration of the ProximaX Sirius platform integrates with peer-to-peer ("P2P") off-chain components such as content delivery networks ("CDN") and other cloud offerings. This liberates app developers to expand their creativity in building great P2P applications without fear of non-compliance or being vulnerable to attacks.

The Integrated and Distributed Ledger Technology ("IaDLT") used in conjunction with API-driven architecture has successfully been released by ProximaX in file hosting services, file sharing, content creation and the monetisation of such contents, content control, multimedia & message streaming, and the rising demand for Know Your Counterparty ("KYC") applications.


The winning combination of Blockchain-Storage-Streaming-Database-Consensus is the success DNA of the ProximaX Sirius development platform. This powerful platform comes with built-in advanced features such as Supercontracts (estimated release Q1, 2020), multisig, multilayer-multisig, pull transactions, aggregated transactions and cross-chain ability. Development is greatly simplified and becomes rapid through the abstraction layer comprising APIs and SDKs available in a wide range of languages such as TSJS, Java, CSharp, Swift, Dart, CLI, Golang, CPP, PHP, Rust and Python.


Using advanced blockchain technology, this layer powers the entire ecosystem and provides the source of data that interconnects with the other layers in either a public or private environment. Through carefully scripted and guarded access points, a private blockchain solution is now available to verifiable users and entities to participate in the network, thus bringing public chain capabilities into enterprise – a new service we call the Blockchain DMZ (De-militarised Zone).


Utilising PeerStream Protocol (“PSP”), for high security, high performance, real-time messaging, and streaming service, users will be able to utilise fully anonymous, end-to-end encrypted, messaging, and anonymous video streaming. Designed to be a privacy routing protocol, PSP is insulated and eliminates the risk of maintaining exit nodes and out-proxies. The ProximaX streaming layer is available in two flavours: live streaming, for fully anonymous interaction between users; and storage streaming, which provides streaming content from storage which is mostly used for pre-recorded streaming.


The ProximaX storage layer is deployed through a Distributed File Management System (“DFMS”) protocol which integrates directly with the blockchain layer. Its peer-to-peer distributed architecture makes the network decentralised and users free from the influence of any third-party storage provider, and allows for client-side encryption for maximum data security. This system is immune to common threats of security and privacy as it is based on encrypted and sharded file storage in a peer-to-peer network.


ProximaX uses multi-layered consensus protocols for voting, governance, validating , storage, and bandwidth. ProximaX nodes, app developers, and content creators will be rewarded in XPX tokens based on their various business models on the platform.

Database System

The database layer consists of a technology stack that uses a document-based database (MongoDB) backed by Tendermint technology as its blockchain enforcement mechanism. This layer is a database with blockchain properties that has simple transfer transaction contracts, its own asset management, and metadata storage. Like any blockchain, the database technology also runs in a decentralised manner and maintains the MongoDB as its ledger to store the chain of records identified by a hash. Developers can build secure applications with powerful indexing and querying functionality where data enjoy optimum loading time, presence and integrity.


ProximaX mWallet

The world’s first blockchain-powered smart device wallet solution for fiat money.

ProximaX eDLX

Enhanced distributed ledger for exchanges — A cutting-edge digital security management platform.

ProximaX SiriusID

Enables the creation of self-sovereign identities (“SSIs”), with associated credentials and personal data that are owned and controlled by users.


ProximaX KYC

ProximaX KYC enables fast and simple end-to-end counterparty onboarding. By using the ProximaX Sirius platform to store and manage sensitive KYC data, it can ensure maximum data security, privacy, with permission-based access.

ProximaX Suite

ProximaX Suite is an enterprise-ready, end-to-end office suite where applications such as word processing, spreadsheets and presentations are now blockchain-powered for superior availability, security and privacy.

ProximaX File It!

ProximaX File It! is a client-based file sharing app that stores and shares files across multiple nodes on the ProximaX Sirius platform.

ProximaX Notes

ProximaX’s equivalent of a note taking tool with the ability to embed images. Files are encrypted for absolute privacy protection.

ProximaX Forensics

ProximaX Forensics is designed to bring about greater efficiencies and data security, thus enabling investigators and scientists to access digital evidence easily, quickly and also store digital evidence securely.


An agglomeration of proven technologies, the ProximaX Sirius platform is overlaid by APIs and SDKs in multiple languages, ready for developers to deploy applications.


The ProximaX Sirius platform is enjoying continued success with enterprise adoption across a range of use cases globally in a wide range sectors such as government, F&B, e-commerce, medical diagnostics, fintech, analytics, sport, education and HR.

See All Enterprise Use Cases
Doc On Chain (DOC)

Founded by two veterans in technology and business development, DOC is a blockchain company that specializes in managing the security of documents with tamper-evident digital signatures and secure distributed storage. The company provides a digital template library for governments and enterprises to increase their use of digital signatures and save cost in documents, and certificate management.


Xperanti IoT (M) Sdn Bhd is Malaysia’s first nationwide IoT network provider, offering Industrial IoT solutions through exclusive access to Sigfox’s global leading technology. They offer comprehensive end-to-end IoT solutions via an ecosystem of partners and deliver scalable solutions for key sectors such as manufacturing, transportation and logistics, utilities, agriculture and smart city applications. Xperanti also helps businesses “bridge the digital divide” and enable local enterprises to develop purpose-built IoT solutions focused on reliable, secure, low-cost network solutions designed for this emerging connected ecosystem.


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Doc On Chain launches a tamper-proof digital signature solution, powered by the ProximaX blockchain

Businesses and administrations now have a secure way of managing documents such as invoices and certificates with Doc on Chain’s “D.O.C” platform. This all-in-one Software as a Service solution...


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